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    Article: Health Foundation Donation Targets Enrichment for Mountainside Residents | Catskill Mountain News

    April 16, 2014 | Community, Hospital, Press

    The Margaretville Health Foundation presented a $15,000 check on Friday for the enrichment of Mountainside
    Residential Care Center’s (MRCC) residents. This donation was made possible through the Foundation’s annual appeal and was presented by Board Chair Heather Brighton, Board Treasurer Don Bramley, Board Member Kathy Mami-Moore and Development Director Iris Mead. Mountainside Administrator Philip Mehl accepted the check with MRCC residents, Ester Ronning, Francis Oliver and Charlie Slater, participating.

    Ms. Mead noted that, through generous donations over the past three years, the Margaretville Health Foundation has funded numerous projects on the Margaretville campus. Foundation donations have included funding for: the hospital’s CT scanner, the upgrade of the hospital’s Ambulatory Suite, purchasing class books for two nurses’ advance degrees studies and for continuing MRCC resident enrichment projects.